Vet Resources

There are many veterinarian clinics claiming to specialize in exotics, but we have our favorites listed right here!

Ourselves and our clients have proven experiences with these vets, who are all capable of providing top notch care to ferrets, including, but not limited to, annual exams, surgical interventions, deslorelin implants, and treatment for the most common chronic ferrets diseases such as adrenal disease, and insulinoma.


Dr. Robin Urie, and her staff are considered our “shelter” vet and medical advisors. Her practice is located in Middle River, MD and we highly recommend this clinic for all your veterinary needs!

Another top notch exotic veterinary hospital located in Abingdon, MD. They are well established and have been a popular and professional choice for exotics for many years.

Dr Debbie Deans sees a large number of our clientele who reside in the Rockville, Germantown, and Gaithersburg area. She is an experienced exotic with a great bedside manner! Our ferret parents rave about her!


A long time veterinary provider located in Fairfax, Northern Virginia

Blue Ridge Vet is located in Purcellville, VA


This 24 hour emergency care facility is the only one we recommend in Maryland, and it is best to call first. Although they do treat exotics, they most often will help stabilize your ferret until the following business day to be transferred to your regular exotic vet